How To Use Femjolie Brush To Straighten Hair

There are many reasons why people get curly hair. The first one is because of heredity. Parents may give the heredity line of curly hair. The worst thing is that when the kids or children are not happy with what heredity gave to the hairs. However, sometimes curly hair for some people is not common, and it can disturb the look, and that is why many people want to straighten the hair so it can make looking better. Another reason why curly hair exists is that of the position of the head while sleeping. It has been a common reason, and everyone knows that messy hair sometimes can be because of the way of sleeping that may be wrong.
Another reason that you should have realized is that there is a dirty and polluted environment that will worsen your hair. You need to do regular shampoo or cream bath to ensure that your hair is safety from the dirty environment. Next reason is when you wear a hat that can disturb the shape of the hair. The last reason is that you may be less care about hair treatment. The fastest way to straighten your hair is using a brush with electric and feature for straightening hair. The work is depending on the heat you’ll set for your hair. One of the best straightening brush you can choose is FemJolie hair straightening brush.
There are many products from FemJolie, but sometimes the users still don’t know how to use properly. April Williams, HairBrushGuides expert, show the ways to use Femjolie brush:

    1. Apply shampoo when you are taking a bath and make sure that there is no dirt in your hair to keep the good result. This is also giving a chance for the hair to get the best treatment before doing straightening. Shampoo will maintain the smooth and fragrance of the hair, so it will be better when the process is started. See more information about shampoo on Bhanuni.
    2. Make sure that your hair is already dry so you can comb and then try the brush. There are many common mistakes done by the user and just use the hot brush instead of a hair It will give more potential to get broken or damaged hair. That is why you need to check whether it has been dry or not.
    3. Make sure too that you already comb the hair before using Femjolie hair straightening brush because when your hair is too messy, it will damage the hair, so it is essential to comb first when your hair is already dry to avoid any damage to your hair.
    4. Plug the brush into existing socket make your position is as comfortable as you want and don’t push yourself to get the best result because there are many positions you can choose for straightening hair with this kind of brush.
    5. Press the power button at least minutes to make the device turn on, and that is why you need to be patient to use this cool tool.
    6. Make it hot as your temperature wish because it is too sure that the safety and healthy way can be in an electric way.
    7. Try the hair straightening brush immediately.

      Alisa Blom,
      Hair care expert

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