[html4all.org] nice message

John Foliot foliot at wats.ca
Thu Aug 23 13:11:53 PDT 2007

Robert Burns wrote:
> I really liked your latest message to DanC and the list. You said it
> so much more eloquently than I would have said. I'm getting so
> annoyed I can't write without lots of attitude, but you did it quite
> nicely (or you hid it well).

Heh heh heh... Well, I thought about what I was writing, yes.  Thank you.

I have stated privately before that I personally feel I must be careful that
I not be taken for a complete ranting fool, and so having reasoned, metered,
referenced postings are critical for me to be taken seriously (on balance).
We collectively will not win this "battle" with one major blow, but rather
through the collective "one million cuts".  We need to be vigilant, patient
(but determined), and reasonable... At some levels we are now also waging a
PR battle - a thought we must not lose sight of.

For sure, I will continue to have my "outbursts" <grin>, but as one of the
instigators of the newly minted "html4all.org", I acknowledge that we all
must cover each other's backs, especially in the early stages.  If we are to
divide and conqueror the current crop of HTML5 manglers (who seem to have no
leadership at all), we must also at the same time avoid giving them the same
opportunity, by collectively respecting the fact that we are now being
linked (self-leadership).  This is something we have not yet really
discussed: yes we have a group managed wiki, and yes, having a list-serve
makes things slightly easier, but we need to start thinking about larger
issues, such as how we can effectively counter some of the bone-headed moves
that the HTML5 WG are making.  We might not yet have hit the radar, but that
time will come soon enough, and we need to be prepared for it.

> The only thing I might have added was also the issue Phil Taylor
> raised about Anne (and Lachlan too) publishing blog posts making the
> same definitive pronouncements about HTML.[1][2].

Well, I did mention Anne's blog, but personal ramblings are one thing, but
registering bug reports is a whole other level of severity/complexity (as
John grapples for the right term...)

Anyway, the ball is back in Dan_C's court, and I look forward to what he has
to say (this time).


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