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In an open, honest, collaborative, and respectful way html4all will:


Foster constructive feedback for the HTML Working Group.

  1. Flagging issues that bear looking into by the WAI's Protocols and Formats Working Group (PFWG).
  2. Following the process that Judy Brewer outlined in her May 24, 2007 email: RE: WAI mandate to work with other WGs
  3. Presenting documentation to PFWG and the HTML 5 WG.
  4. Asking PFWG for an official response.

Investigate and document issues, in a complimentary effort to that being undertaken by the HTML WG in W3C space.

Collaborate via the html4all mailing list and Wiki.

  • Discuss strategies for solutions to outstanding problems and issues.
  • Exchange information and educational materials and keep one another apprised of activities through periodic reports and documentation.

Be considerate of others.

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