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html4all is an open and open-minded conduit through which people can express ideas regarding the next generation of HTML.


Since html4all is a dialog, rather than a general discussion or chat list, potential subscribers are asked to review the following information carefully before subscribing. Note that, by confirming your subscription request, you are agreeing to abide by the following guidelines:

Be Polite and Show Respect

html4all is characterized by tolerance and mutual respect. It is intended to foster constructive dialogue and encourage the sharing and exchange of ideas in an environment free from hostility. We therefore encourage all members to engage in discussions based on openness, honesty, collaboration, and consideration of others. We

  • debate; we don't argue
  • listen; we don't shout
  • respect the right of others to disagree

We are happy if others want to join, and the only thing we ask of them is that they accept this ethos. If they do, and they are happy to work within it, then long may they remain a member; but if they choose instead to ignore it, and to behave in such a way as to cause offence, then they will be asked to leave. And if they refuse, they will be removed. A List Moderation Policy will be used if needed.

Be On-Topic

Subject lines should be brief and precise. Because html4all is a multi-purpose list, it is essential that the subject line accurately reflect the contents of the message's body, if the list is to function effectively. Please exercise care in this regard when responding to messages. If you change the topic, please also change the subject line.

Cite Briefly

Please avoid over quoting previous posts -- often, a brief summation of a previous post or the thread to which you are contributing is sufficient. Those who object to another list member's over quoting should send their complaints directly to the poster, and Cc them to the list owners, using the following eddress: [email protected]

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