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We encourage and count on all our members to keep in mind our general List Guidelines when posting messages to the html4all list. The present document outlines basic criteria and procedures for dealing with situations that would be in breach of our guidelines.

Membership List

The subscribers list is not available to the public. Only the mailing list administrators and members can access it.


For the benefit of subscribers, we discourage email attachments when posting to the list. When possible, we encourage list members to post the address of a web page instead (such as : Please see

Unsolicited Advertising

This list may not be used for any form of unsolicited advertising. Posting unsolicited advertisements may be considered as spam and may result in your email address being banned from posting to the list.

Unacceptable Topics

Disrespectful messages

Obscene language, racist, sexist or otherwise derogatory remarks, offensive "flame" messages intended to insult, provoke, or abuse another member of the list.

Test messages

If your post gets bounced, please ask the list administrator, not the entire list.

Private conversations

Conversations between two or three people that do not concern other list members should be done via e-mail privately.

Private information

Posting private information about anyone without their express permission (such as personal contact information) is strictly forbidden.


Complaints about and criticism of other list members and/or the organizations to which they belong should be handled off-list via private email. If any subscriber feels that he or she is being unfairly accosted or undermined by another subscriber, the matter should be referred to [email protected] so that an attempt at mediation can be made.

If a subscriber consistently and/or flagrantly disregards the cornerstones of html4all -- openness, honesty, collaboration, and mutual respect -- that subscriber will be warned once, by the list owners, that he or she is in violation of list policy. Once a subscriber has been so warned, if that subscriber again indulges in the offensive behavior, the subscriber will be placed on probationary status; a third occurrence of the behavior about which the subscriber has been contacted by the list owners will result in the removal of that subscriber from the list. Anyone so suspended will be able to apply for reinstatement to the list after three (3) months.

Depending upon the nature and flagrancy of the policy violation, those who resubscribe to the list after having been unsubscribed by the listowner, may be subject to a probationary period, during which that subscriber's posts must first be approved for distribution via html4all by the list's moderators.

Any questions about this policy may be directed to the list administrator [email protected].

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