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To ensure that future generations of HTML

  1. Support equal access for people regardless of their physical and cognitive abilities or disabilities, and
  2. Strengthen its capacity to express semantics.

We undertake this endeavour because

  • We believe that ensuring access to information for those who would otherwise be locked out and lose their opportunity to use the Web is the socially responsible and right thing to do.
  • The primary markup language of the World Wide Web must aim to extend the range of communication and make the web more accessible, universal, and inclusive.
  • Numbers alone must not be the driving factor for technology decisions. Both mainstream (80/20) and edge-case requirements must be addressed, because for online information, there is:
    1. No standardized user, and
    2. No standardized device (browser or other user agent) for accessing information.

Signed by founding members,

  • Bruce Lawson
  • Catherine Roy
  • Debi Orton
  • Gez Lemon
  • Gregory Rosmaita
  • Jane Lee
  • Jason White
  • John Foliot
  • Joshue O Connor
  • Laura Carlson
  • Leif Halvard Silli
  • Patrick Lauke
  • Philip TAYLOR
  • Roger Johansson
  • Sean Keegan
  • Steve Faulkner

Signed by members,

  • Andy Mabbett

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