Using A Golf Swing Analyzer App To Improve Your Game

No matter how good you are at playing golf, there is always room for improvement. By continually honing your technique, you can vastly improve your game. That means you have to play as often as you can. More importantly, however, every time you head out to the course you have to do it with an eye toward improvement.


Rather than just getting by with the skills you already have, you have to continually push yourself beyond your current capabilities. Fortunately, advances in technology have made it easier than ever to analyze and improve your game. There a number of different apps available at that can help you become a better golfer.

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For instance, you can use a golf swing analyzer app to evaluate your swing and make suggestions for improvement. These apps are a relatively new advancement in the world of technology. Let’s take a closer look at how they work so you can better understand how they may be able to help you with your game.

Install the app

To get started, you first need to install the app on your cell phone or tablet. These apps usually come with a Bluetooth device that attaches to your hand. This device is designed to track and monitor your swing, sending the data that it gathers straight to your cell phone.

Put the device on your hand

All you have to do is put the device on your hand, turn on the app on your cell phone and swing away. The data will be automatically transmitted to your cell phone where you can then further analyze it. The app will track a number of factors including speed, swing plane, hip rotation and backswing position.

Why You Should Consider Owning The BACtrack s80

Portable breath alcohol tester

This particular device is a portable breath alcohol tester. The price for this device runs about $100. These are professional grade, using the fuel cell sensor technology, and can deliver results in under 10 seconds. If you would like to take another reading, you simply have to wait 20 seconds for it to reset, and then it is ready to use.

Bright LCD screen

The company that produces this device has been doing so for well over a decade, and you will easily see the readings on the bright LCD screen, giving you the information that you need. If you have been looking for a breathalyzer, this is the one that you should own simply because it is affordable and accurate. They also have ones that can fit on a keychain, making them even easier to bring with you wherever you go where you know you will be having alcohol.Modern Advancements In Breathalyzers


A newcomer to these types of devices, ones that you will see on breathalyzer reviews, are called Breathometers. Due to the fact that millions of people have smart phones, and innovative person decided to create a device that can plug into the mic jack of a cell phone, specifically a smartphone, and with the help of a downloadable app that will act as the central processor, it will calculate how much alcohol you have in your bloodstream right away. These are much more convenient for people that have smart phones because the little device that you breathe into can be stored in your wallet, pocket, or purse without taking up much room you this is in stark contrast to a regular breathalyzer which can be large and cumbersome to bring with you everywhere you go, and therefore it’s a better choice for people that like convenience.


How Using A Heart Rate Monitor For Running Can Increase Your Efficiency

There Are A Lot Of Great Accessories You Can Add As You Go

There are plenty of things you can buy to make yourself look better as you run down the road. You can find some here. Those Lycra spandex tights that show off your newly toned muscles are a good start, then add a shirt with some logos that make you look sponsored. There are plenty of hot looking shoes you can get, but make sure you opt for comfort and quality over looks, if you ruin your feet you’ll be a long time in recovery.

Then there are the watches, GPS, and heart rate monitor for running that a lot of people really like. They add interest and give goals, something to be proud of when you’ve reached a milestone in maintaining your heart rate above a certain level for a length of time. Most serious exercise programs will have goals that include cardiovascular fitness monitoring, so you can keep your intensity up, but not over do it. A monitor will give you an accurate read so you won’t have to stop and use your fingers and a stop watch.

Monitoring Your Heart Rate Increases Efficiency

When you’re striving for the best results, keeping your workouts short, intense, but well monitored can help you get the best increases in fitness in the least amount of time spent. We’re all busy, and squeezing 20-30 minutes a day out of your schedule can be difficult. A quality heart rate monitor will enable you to keep constant track of your heartbeat while comparing it to the way you feel, like instant feedback at the highest level.

Add little accessories

Running or jogging can get a little bit boring, especially at first until you get into the habit. But, if you keep adding little accessories and gadgets to keep things interesting, you’ll make it past the boring plateau and become a lifelong runner, healthy and fit until the next century.