Why Hair Straightening is so Popular

A hair straightener has been present in my life since my early teens.  I remember the first time I straightened my hair; I fell in love with how smooth my hair felt and how shiny it looked. My hair is quite fine and naturally curly which looks nice without being straightened sometimes, but it’s a bit of a gamble whether as most of the time it does its own thing so to have it straightened just guarantees that I’m not going to feel frustrated with my hair throughout the day ensuring a bad hair day is not going to take place. Straightened hair looks well-kept and while being completely manageable and easy to control.

The main reason why I like to straighten my hair so much is because it made it look so much more neat, tidy and made it feel so lovely to run my fingers through it but if the strands became more damaged, then it wouldn’t look so likable at all as my strands would look wiry and singed and nor would it feel nice, it’d feel more like horse hair. So, I decided to get a trim and make a change in the way I styled my hair. Either implement straightening less or often or look into alternative methods.

Different Ways to Straighten Hair

I always used to use a flat iron which made my thin hair dead straight and although it wasn’t difficult for me to achieve a smooth hair style, I started to realize that over time my hair was gradually becoming more and more damaged. I noticed that with the regular application of the two hot flat irons getting pressed up against my delicate strands was starting to take its toll. I loved having straight hair but not at the price of my hair being completely fried and untouchable.

I became aware of how to straighten hair without heat, which seemed like quite a healthy method but this required the use of oils and for people with fine hair, I knew it’d weigh it down quite quickly and make it look greasy really fast which would require washing it more often which I know isn’t healthy for the hair either!

I considered sticking to my flat iron straightening but attempting to straighten only a couple of times per week instead, but then I became informed about other new and intriguing electric hair straightening tools such as hot air brushes and hair straightening brushes.

I was eager to try the electric hair straightening brushes because my hair is the type that when I brush it, it poofs out and gets super frizzy but if I was to brush it with a brush that has a heated plate in the head of the brush, it’d mean that I could brush my hair without worrying about getting extremely frizzy. I was also aware of the fact that hair straightening brushes provide a more naturally straight looking hair style, not so harsh on the strands and made straightening a lot faster.

Changing from Using a Flat Iron to Straightening Hair Brush

I got myself a hair straightening brush and it lived up to all the expectations I had for it after seeing many ads on television and reviews and recommendations online.  I’m super happy that I transitioned from using a flat iron to an electric straightening brush. My hair has become much more healthy, not so flat and shinier. I love the new change I have made for my hair routine.

Use Wax Cartridges for a Mess-free and Simple Wax

Wax cartridges ensure a smoother, clean and more convenient way to apply wax. Your hair will be removed from the root with this method so over time it gradually becomes thinner and takes approximately 3 weeks before growing back until hardly at all. If you enjoy waxing your unwanted body hair or you would like to give it a go; then keep reading as we will go over everything you will need to know for a successful treatment with a wax cartridge.

You will need:

Wax Cartridge – Either with a large or mini roller head; depending on the area you intend to wax.

Cartridge Heater – a simple heater has proven to be as sufficient.

Wax Paper Strips ­– You can either purchase a roll of the paper or the strips which are already cut into relevant sizes. Upon the attempt to be economical and purchasing cheapest depilation paper, it may tear so it’s better not to try to save on this item. The middle-range will be sufficient.

Antiseptic Gel – Applied prior to the procedure which will sterilize the skin.

Talcum Powder – Wax does not like moisture on the skin, so powder dries and degreases the skin prior to wax application. A small amount of powder is also ideal for delicate areas such as the eyebrows or upper lip as it provides a protective barrier between the skin and the wax. It’s cheap and lasts a long time.

Oil – Basically any oil will be suitable. After the waxing procedure is over, oil is the most effect way to remove wax residue left on the skin. It will also moisturize the skin.

Prior to the Procedure:

Shower and clean the skin thoroughly 2 hours before to ensure your skin will be completely dry.

Ensure your hair is at least 4-5m.


  1. Remove the protective film from the cartridge and insert it into the heater. After approximately 20-25 minutes, the cartridge will have reached the ideal temperature. See the instruction here.
  2. Ensure the hairy skin is dry and then apply the antiseptic gel or talcum powder to absorb any excess moisture.
  3. Once the wax has finished heating up, take it out of the heater and turn the heater of. Turn the applicator upside down for a few seconds in order to stack the wax so that it’s evenly distributed throughout the roller. Now it’s time to apply the wax. In the direction of hair growth apply a thin strip about 5-10cm in length.
  4. Cover and press firmly with a paper strip in the direction of the hair growth. Keep about 1cm at the end free so that you can easily pull off the strip without coming into contact with the wax.
  5. Now hold your skin tight from the top of the strip and from the bottom; using the little tab you left, grab and tear the strip off in one sharp movement. Ensure to pull along the skin and not directly up. If the occurrence of hair is still there, then just repeat the same procedure again. When wax is left on the sides, just simply apply the strip over that area and the wax will come when the strip is removed.
  6. Repeat this procedure until you are happy with your final result. The same wax strip can be used again and again during one procedure until you see that the wax buildup on the strip is 2-3mm. If the wax cools down, just put it back in the heater and warm it back up.

After the Wax:

Apply oil immediately to the area, using massage movements until the wax remnants are gone.

  • Keep your skin dry for at least 6 hours after the procedure in order to avoid infections and irritations.
  • For 24 hours after the wax, do not take a hot bath, shower or visit a sauna as this will cause your pores to open leaving you vulnerable to an infection.
  • No tanning for 24 hours, as the skin will be sensitive.
  • Avoid fragrance products as they may cause irritation.
  • Don’t wear tight clothing.
  • After 3-4 days you may use scrubs on the area, then 2-3 times per week is ideal in order to prevent ingrown hairs.

Waxing with a cartridge is a hygienic and quick method that can be used virtually anywhere on the body; it’s great for those who are new to at home waxing or want an alternative to the messy pot wax.

Alisa Blom,
Hair care expert

How To Use Femjolie Brush To Straighten Hair

There are many reasons why people get curly hair. The first one is because of heredity. Parents may give the heredity line of curly hair. The worst thing is that when the kids or children are not happy with what heredity gave to the hairs. However, sometimes curly hair for some people is not common, and it can disturb the look, and that is why many people want to straighten the hair so it can make looking better. Another reason why curly hair exists is that of the position of the head while sleeping. It has been a common reason, and everyone knows that messy hair sometimes can be because of the way of sleeping that may be wrong.
Another reason that you should have realized is that there is a dirty and polluted environment that will worsen your hair. You need to do regular shampoo or cream bath to ensure that your hair is safety from the dirty environment. Next reason is when you wear a hat that can disturb the shape of the hair. The last reason is that you may be less care about hair treatment. The fastest way to straighten your hair is using a brush with electric and feature for straightening hair. The work is depending on the heat you’ll set for your hair. One of the best straightening brush you can choose is FemJolie hair straightening brush.
There are many products from FemJolie, but sometimes the users still don’t know how to use properly. April Williams, HairBrushGuides expert, show the ways to use Femjolie brush: http://hairbrushguides.com/femjolie/

    1. Apply shampoo when you are taking a bath and make sure that there is no dirt in your hair to keep the good result. This is also giving a chance for the hair to get the best treatment before doing straightening. Shampoo will maintain the smooth and fragrance of the hair, so it will be better when the process is started. See more information about shampoo on Bhanuni.
    2. Make sure that your hair is already dry so you can comb and then try the brush. There are many common mistakes done by the user and just use the hot brush instead of a hair It will give more potential to get broken or damaged hair. That is why you need to check whether it has been dry or not.
    3. Make sure too that you already comb the hair before using Femjolie hair straightening brush because when your hair is too messy, it will damage the hair, so it is essential to comb first when your hair is already dry to avoid any damage to your hair.
    4. Plug the brush into existing socket make your position is as comfortable as you want and don’t push yourself to get the best result because there are many positions you can choose for straightening hair with this kind of brush.
    5. Press the power button at least minutes to make the device turn on, and that is why you need to be patient to use this cool tool.
    6. Make it hot as your temperature wish because it is too sure that the safety and healthy way can be in an electric way.
    7. Try the hair straightening brush immediately.

      Alisa Blom,
      Hair care expert