Why Hair Straightening is so Popular

A hair straightener has been present in my life since my early teens.  I remember the first time I straightened my hair; I fell in love with how smooth my hair felt and how shiny it looked. My hair is quite fine and naturally curly which looks nice without being straightened sometimes, but it’s a bit of a gamble whether as most of the time it does its own thing so to have it straightened just guarantees that I’m not going to feel frustrated with my hair throughout the day ensuring a bad hair day is not going to take place. Straightened hair looks well-kept and while being completely manageable and easy to control.

The main reason why I like to straighten my hair so much is because it made it look so much more neat, tidy and made it feel so lovely to run my fingers through it but if the strands became more damaged, then it wouldn’t look so likable at all as my strands would look wiry and singed and nor would it feel nice, it’d feel more like horse hair. So, I decided to get a trim and make a change in the way I styled my hair. Either implement straightening less or often or look into alternative methods.

Different Ways to Straighten Hair

I always used to use a flat iron which made my thin hair dead straight and although it wasn’t difficult for me to achieve a smooth hair style, I started to realize that over time my hair was gradually becoming more and more damaged. I noticed that with the regular application of the two hot flat irons getting pressed up against my delicate strands was starting to take its toll. I loved having straight hair but not at the price of my hair being completely fried and untouchable.

I became aware of how to straighten hair without heat, which seemed like quite a healthy method but this required the use of oils and for people with fine hair, I knew it’d weigh it down quite quickly and make it look greasy really fast which would require washing it more often which I know isn’t healthy for the hair either!

I considered sticking to my flat iron straightening but attempting to straighten only a couple of times per week instead, but then I became informed about other new and intriguing electric hair straightening tools such as hot air brushes and hair straightening brushes.

I was eager to try the electric hair straightening brushes because my hair is the type that when I brush it, it poofs out and gets super frizzy but if I was to brush it with a brush that has a heated plate in the head of the brush, it’d mean that I could brush my hair without worrying about getting extremely frizzy. I was also aware of the fact that hair straightening brushes provide a more naturally straight looking hair style, not so harsh on the strands and made straightening a lot faster.

Changing from Using a Flat Iron to Straightening Hair Brush

I got myself a hair straightening brush and it lived up to all the expectations I had for it after seeing many ads on television and reviews and recommendations online.  I’m super happy that I transitioned from using a flat iron to an electric straightening brush. My hair has become much more healthy, not so flat and shinier. I love the new change I have made for my hair routine.

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